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AMD's James Knight on Avatar, The Creator, and More

James Knight, AMD's Global Director of Media and Entertainment, shares some behind-the-scenes insight into his vast history of working on some of the biggest films in Hollywood, from the original Avatar to Gareth Edwards' The Creator to Pixar's Elemental.

We also dive into:

  • How AMD works with filmmakers and studios to push filmmaking technology forward

  • Why virtual production is not just about GPUs

  • Where AI tools fit into creative workflows

And a whole lot more!

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Episode Takeaways

  • Virtual production has become an integral part of the film industry, allowing for more efficient and creative workflows.

  • The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual production techniques, such as LED volumes and real-time rendering.

  • AMD plays a significant role in the development and implementation of virtual production technology, working closely with studios and software vendors.

  • Advancements in technology, such as faster CPUs and GPUs, have enabled real-time rendering and improved the overall quality of visual effects.

  • AI is increasingly being used in film production, offering benefits such as automatic rotoscoping and frame recognition. AMD's chips serve as the brain of cameras that allow for real-time processing and post-work while filming.

  • Media has a wide range of use cases beyond entertainment, including accident scene recreation and practical applications in various industries.

  • When learning about AI, it is important to seek information from multiple sources to gain a comprehensive understanding.

  • Getting hands-on experience with AI is the best way to truly understand its potential.

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