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Atomos Ninja Phone: Unleash the Power of ProRes on Your iPhone

Atomos has just introduced the Ninja Phone, a revolutionary device that transforms your iPhone into a professional monitor, recorder, and streamer. This compact accessory is set to change the game for mobile video production.

Key Features

  • The Ninja Phone takes HDMI input, encodes it to ProRes, and combines it with audio from a USB-C microphone or other accessory.

  • The device connects to a custom iPhone case via a locking USB-C connector, providing battery power and charging for all connected accessories.

  • The ProRes video is instantly decoded on the iPhone's A17 chip and displayed on the phone's high-quality OLED screen with no latency.

  • Users can simultaneously record ProRes and H.265 10-bit files while streaming via 5G or WiFi 6E.

Atomos Co-Founder and CEO Jeromy Young explains, "ProRes comes in decoded instantly on the A17 of the screen, and see, there's no latency at all on that, and it's the OLED screen of the phone. $10 billion of development from Apple, or something crazy, I don't know the number, but it's a lot."

The Ninja Phone integrates with various platforms, including live production with up to 8 cameras, Frame.io for camera to cloud, YouTube Live, Instagram, Dropbox, and iCloud. Files can be easily shared, copied, and saved to your iCloud account.

Pricing and Availability

  • The Atomos Ninja Phone is priced at $399.

  • The custom iPhone case is $59 and comes with the locking USB-C connector and cable.

  • The device is compatible with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, which feature 10-bit OLED screens.

  • Expected availability is June 2024.

"One terabyte gives you three hours of ProRes HQ 422," states Jeromy, addressing storage concerns. He suggests using a dedicated phone for production or saving and deleting files as needed.

The Ninja Phone can also connect to an iPad, although specific mounts are yet to be announced. This versatile device is poised to revolutionize the way content creators produce video on their mobile devices, providing professional-grade features and seamless integration with popular platforms.

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