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Aximmetry Eye: iPhone Virtual Production Tracker

In the dynamic landscape of virtual production, Aximmetry Eye emerges as a mobile game-changing tool, reshaping the way we engage with virtual environments.

This innovative development, experienced firsthand in a recent studio trial from Richard Frantzen, offers a glimpse into its capabilities and potential impact on the industry.


  • Universal Access: Aximmetry Eye is a versatile real-time virtual production tool accessible from smartphones, challenging preconceptions about the capabilities of mobile apps in the industry.

  • Seamless Integration: The tool effortlessly connects with the Aximmetry system, with a simple process involving downloading the app, entering the computer's IP address, and achieving instant connectivity.

  • On-the-Go Production: Aximmetry Eye's standout feature is its precision and versatility, providing near-perfect tracking and a full-screen preview on iPhones. This allows for unprecedented mobility in production, enabling users to explore different angles and spaces with ease.

  • Simplified Processes: The tool streamlines complex production procedures, eliminating the need for extensive setup time. Aximmetry Eye's out-of-the-box functionality showcases the power of Aximmetry, reducing barriers to high-quality virtual production.

  • Performance and Mobility: Tested on a laptop, Aximmetry Eye demonstrates impressive performance, debunking the notion that top-tier virtual production is limited to high-end studio setups. The tool's brilliance lies in its ability to maintain tracking precision even during on-the-move productions.

  • Exploration of Object Tracking: Aximmetry Eye opens up possibilities for object tracking within virtual production. The tool's user-friendly interface, combined with its precision, positions it as a versatile asset for industry professionals.

  • Future Potential: Beyond its current capabilities, Aximmetry Eye signifies a new era in virtual production, offering a glimpse into the future possibilities of the field. There was also a tease of object tracking.

Register at the Aximmetry website to access trial licenses to try it out.

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