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bitbox: The Ultimate Solution for Wireless Camera Control on Film Sets

In an interview with VP Land at this year’s NAB Show, Curtis Abbott from Bit Part introduces bitbox, a game-changing wireless camera control system designed to overcome the common Wi-Fi issues faced by DITs on film sets.

The Problem with Wi-Fi on Set

As Curtis explains, "On set, you arrive and Wi-Fi is like, everyone comes into one spot and Wi-Fi just doesn't work. It stops working." This issue has been a persistent problem for the film industry, making it difficult for DITs to control cinema cameras using the manufacturer's app.

Reliable Camera Control on 900 MHz

To address this challenge, the team at Bit Part developed bitbox, a wireless camera control protocol that operates on 900 MHz. "It cuts through all the noise on set, all the wireless lights, all that stuff, so you have full control of the camera at all times," Curtis states.

Easy Setup and Seamless Integration

Setting up bitbox is straightforward:

  • Two boxes are required: one at the DIT cart or focus station and one on each camera.

  • The box has a switch to select between remote and base modes.

  • Pairing is done by pushing and holding the pairing button on both boxes.

bitbox allows full control over camera settings, including ISO, color temperature, ND filters (if available), and frame rate.

Versatile Connectivity Options

One of the standout features of bitbox is its ability to support multiple network connections simultaneously. As Curtis demonstrates, "This one box is allowing camera control with this monitor and with this iPad at the same time."

bitbox offers various connectivity options like Ethernet for devices like the SmallHD Ultra 7 monitor, USB-C for iPads and other devices, and 2-pin LEMO for power supply and device charging.

Pricing and Availability

bitbox is currently open for pre-orders, with production slated to begin soon. The price is set at $1,500 per box, with a minimum requirement of two boxes ($3,000) for a functional set. However, Bit Part offers a discount for larger orders, reducing the price to $1,250 per box for orders of up to 5 units.

To learn more about bitbox and place a pre-order, visit BitPart.com.

As Curtis puts it, "It'll definitely help me sleep at night," knowing that bitbox is providing reliable, full camera control on set, making life easier for DITs and focus pullers alike

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