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Behind the Scenes Videos to Watch This Weekend

🌐 Gareth Edwards on AI, Blackmagic Adds C2C, FREEFLY's 600 FPS Camera

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Welcome to VP Land 🌐

Today we’ve got:

📼 A collection of BTS videos to queue up this holiday weekend
🎥 New camera and tracker updates
📔 VP industry reports

Have a great Christmas/holiday weekend. See you back here on Boxing Day!


BTS Videos to Queue Up

With the long holiday weekend (into holiday week), here are some BTS videos and interviews we’ve collected to enjoy while chilling on the couch.

Barbie World

ShotDeck has a great video where Lawrence Sher, ASC breaks down the visuals of Barbie with Greta Gerwig & Rodrigo Prieto, ASC, AMC.

For some more Barbie BTS, befores & afters has an extensive article breaking down the VFX style in the film, and Framestore just released their environment breakdown of Barbie.

Gareth Edwards on The Creator & AI

Noah Kadner has a great interview with The Creator director Gareth Edwards on virtual production and AI in filmmaking.

I'm always really excited about things that fuck with what I'm doing. And the problem with computers for the longest time is they never ever do that. A computer only does what you put into it and you get back exactly what you put in. It's a very one way relationship…

I think AI is one of those things that you can hopefully go, like, even now, just playing with medium, you type something in and some batshit crazy thing comes back sometimes and you go, “I'd never have thought of that.”

And even though it's weird and you can't use it, this idea or this shape or whatever that is actually is quite interesting.

Gareth Edwards on AI

Making Ads

ZEISS just dropped an ad and explainer for their new CinCraft tracker (which we covered previously). The director of the spot, Hugo Guerra, has some BTS breakdowns on shooting the spot and using the tracking in various settings and locations.

Breakdown on shooting 57 different looks for 5 different Mercedes cars in 3 days.

Quick Hits

Important Looking Pirates dropped their VFX breakdown of Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

Polygon has a quick clip on James Cameron’s use of virtual cameras while filming Avatar: The Way of Water

Netflix released a BTS feature / on-set diary of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon. He interestingly talks about all the workarounds he does to direct actors on green screen. No mention or sightings of using VP.


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Blackmagic’s C2C, FREEFLY’s 600 fps Ember, and more camera updates

Film Riot tests out the AXIBO PT4 motion control slider for virtual production

A new update for the Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 adds camera to cloud functionality - so media can instantly upload to your Blackmagic Cloud hardware and loaded in Resolve (check out our interview with Greg Olliver about remote workflows with Blackmagic Cloud).

4K Shooters breaks down FREEFLY’s Ember S5K camera, which can shoot 5K at 600 fps.

Videoguys released their list of top products for 2023.

VP on iPhones: 2 apps on our radar for motion tracking on an iPhone. CameraTwin from RealTwin (here’s a video demo) and Lightcraft (here’s a talk and demo from Production Summit LA). We’ll dig into these more in the future.


VP Gigs

Stage Operator
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Unreal FX Artists
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🆕 Vice President Sales & Marketing
Orbital Studios



Oscars, VP Reports, and More Industry Updates

🔎 The Evolution of Virtual Production: A Comprehensive Research Report

📷 Vicon Valkyrie camera systems continue to drive revenue for Oxford Metrics

📤 Upload large files and folders fast with MASV*

📊 Vū sets virtual production standards with Puget Systems

🎓 Canadian Society of Cinematographers releases homegrown virtual production curriculum

🎞 Shortlisted films in the Oscars' Visual Effects category

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