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MoXIE Solo: Portable Power for Film Professionals

Core SWX has introduced the MoXIE Solo, a compact, exchangeable, and intelligent power solution designed specifically for film and video production professionals.

This innovative unit delivers 3.6kW AC output with simultaneous DC outputs, making it an ideal choice for on-location shoots, remote film sets, and emergency backup power.

Behind the Scenes

  • MoXIE Solo features a 20A 110v AC input that charges the battery cell packs in just 2.5 hours, ensuring quick turnaround between uses.

  • The pure sine wave power output prevents interference, hum, and potential damage to sensitive electronic devices like high-end cameras, audio equipment, and lighting systems.

  • Multiple DC outputs (15v, 28v, and 48v) capable of handling up to 16A each, perfect for operating nearby DC input production devices without additional power supplies.

  • Expansion ports allow users to connect additional MoXIE cell packs directly to the unit, expanding its capacity on-the-go or starting with a substantial 9kWh of power by coupling three Vita Cell packs.

The MoXIE Solo is compatible with two distinct cell packs:

  1. The Kodiak cell, the industry's first sodium ion battery product in cinema, is a 2kWh battery that excels in extreme cold (-40°F) and can be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes.

  2. The Vita cell, a 3kWh LifePO4 battery, is known for its safety, robustness, and impressive cycle life of over 4,000 cycles.

Final Take

The MoXIE Solo represents a significant advancement in portable power solutions for film and video production.

Its versatility, reliability, and innovative battery cell options make it an essential tool for creative professionals seeking to streamline their on-location power management while ensuring the optimal performance of their equipment.

As the industry continues to evolve, solutions like the MoXIE Solo will play a crucial role in enabling more efficient, flexible, and sustainable production workflows.

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