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Exclusive Early Access: ARFX App Beta Signup

ARwall's ARFX App, recently crowned the “NAB Show 2024 Product of the Year,” is set to transform the creative process for filmmakers. The app offers the simplest way to deliver in-camera XR virtual production effects, featuring an intuitive interface built specifically for filmmakers.

Key Features

  • A rich scene library with multiple vistas and lighting setups

  • Advanced tools for color, camera control, and upcoming AI generation capabilities

  • The ability to create an In-Camera XR Mixed Reality backdrop combined with live-action actors and practical lighting

The ARFX App is an evolution beyond the green screen virtual production popularized on hit TV shows, now accessible to users on their home PCs. By joining the open beta, users will have the opportunity to not only experience the app firsthand but also influence its final touches before the official release.

The open beta signup is available for Windows 10/11 PC users from today until the end of May 2024, with the beta test lasting between 45-60 days starting early June 2024. This exclusive early access allows interested users to dive into the future of filmmaking and be part of shaping the ARFX App.

ARwall's commitment to simplifying and enhancing the virtual production process is evident in the ARFX App's design. The intuitive interface caters to filmmakers' needs, while the rich scene library and advanced tools offer a wide range of creative possibilities.

As the ARFX App continues to evolve and refine its features based on user feedback from the open beta, it is poised to become an indispensable tool for filmmakers seeking to create stunning in-camera XR virtual production effects with ease.

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