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Fuzzy Door Tech Unveils ViewScreen Studio & Scout for Advanced AR Filmmaking

Seth MacFarlane's Fuzzy Door Tech debuted its ViewScreen Studio and ViewScreen Scout, pioneering augmented reality solutions for seamless integration of real-time 3D effects into physical film sets.

Key Takeaways

  • Revolutionizing Cinematography: ViewScreen Studio merges real-time 3D effects with physical environments, offering unparalleled interaction between digital and physical elements for film production.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The tool enables simultaneous viewing of digital content across crew cameras, aiding actors, crews, and directors in envisioning scenes before filming, leading to more authentic interactions between animated characters and real environments.

  • Industry Impact: Success stories from MacFarlane's projects, including 'The Orville: New Horizons' and 'Ted TV series,' showcase how ViewScreen significantly streamlines VFX-heavy productions, reducing timeframes and enhancing efficiency.

ViewScreen Studio and Scout: A Closer Look

ViewScreen Studio

  • Comprehensive Asset Access: Provides filmmakers with a repository of assets, characters, and virtual environments accessible anywhere, enabling real-time viewing and positioning across various filming setups.

  • Enhanced Real-time Tracking: Allows camera crews to track and position shots in sync across multiple setups, optimizing the integration of digital elements into physical environments.

  • Device Compatibility: Functions seamlessly on Apple iOS Sonoma, macOS, and Windows 11 or higher devices, ensuring widespread compatibility and flexibility.

  • Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitates concurrent collaboration among teams, enabling synchronized evaluations and adjustments, ultimately reducing production timeframes.

Now, you can see VFX elements, in real time, as you’re shooting. It’s a true advantage for every facet of filmmaking because it accelerates everything we do. It allows for faster decision-making, quicker visualizations, and provides a clear framework for post-production to ensure the director’s vision is accurately achieved.

Seth MacFarlane (source)

ViewScreen Scout

  • Scene Pre-visualization: Offers a detailed preview of filming scenes, encompassing set walkthroughs, lighting variations, and other crucial filming assets for meticulous planning.

  • Remote Collaboration Features: Utilizes shared rooms to promote collaborative problem-solving among teams, resembling popular remote XR collaboration solutions, fostering efficient decision-making.

  • Optimized Workflow: Assists in resolving production-related issues pertaining to lighting, editing, and animations, contributing to a smoother and more streamlined production process.

  • Targeted Compatibility: Specifically designed for iPhone 13 Pro and above, along with iPad Pro M1 devices and higher, catering to the needs of iOS-centric filming requirements.

The ViewScreen suite of tools is focused on production visualization, or ProVis for short. ProVis is the ability to visualize digital assets in a live scene in real time – any time during production. Ultimately, with ViewScreen, you can evaluate, animate, and fine-tune every aspect of your production to capture the perfect shots in fewer takes.

Faith Sedlin, President, Fuzzy Door Tech (source)


Available for purchase in the United States and Canada, with pricing tailored to specific production needs.

Learn more and request a demo on ViewScreen’s website.

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