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Unleash Your Creative Team's Potential with PostLab 2.0

The world of video production is constantly evolving, and collaboration tools like PostLab are at the forefront of this change. In a recent interview with VP Land, Paul Lombert, Hedge Co-Founder and CEO, discussed the exciting new features of PostLab 2.0, a complete paradigm shift from their previous offering.

Key Takeaways

  • PostLab 2.0 is a license-based client app that uses cloud storage like LucidLink or Amove as a backend.

  • The new version supports a wide range of creative applications, including Motion, Logic Pro, Avid, Premiere, After Effects, and Blender.

  • Event locking for Final Cut Pro allows editors to work on different events within the same library simultaneously.

  • PostLab 2.0 is a "team time machine," enabling users to see who's working on what and access full version history.

According to Paul, "PostLab can look into libraries, show you the events, and let you create a new library with just the events you want." This granular level of control and collaboration is a game-changer for video production teams.

The new pricing model for PostLab 2.0 is also noteworthy. Instead of a subscription-based service, users can now purchase a perpetual license for either the regular or pro version. "It's no longer just for Final Cut Pro and Premiere. It allows you to be on par with the whole creative team," Paul explained.

Looking to the future, Paul believes that the distinction between hybrid and remote workflows will soon disappear. "With the new PostLab, we wanted to get rid of that, so we found a way to allow you to just move between local on your own, from your local RAID or SSD, to shared storage, to the cloud, with just one click of a button," he said.

In addition to PostLab 2.0, Hedge has taken stewardship of Arctic (formerly Final Cut Pro Library Manager). As Paul puts it, "We took it on as stewardship care for the app. We make sure support is done on it. Maintenance is done in it. And every money that's spent on it by people goes into a slush fund just for that."

With these exciting developments, Hedge is positioned to revolutionize the way creative teams collaborate and work together, whether in the studio or remotely.

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