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Jim Rider's VFX Journey: From Optical Effects to Virtual Production

"It's a little bit bleeding edge. It's a little bit fingers crossed sometimes with what's going on," says Jim Rider, a veteran of visual effects turned virtual production supervisor, encapsulating the thrilling uncertainty of Hollywood's latest technological revolution.

In the latest episode of the VP Land podcast, Rider charts the course from his early days manipulating miniatures and optical composites to his current role overseeing a state-of-the-art LED volume at Pier59 Studios.

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Behind the Scenes

  • The expense of virtual production often comes from a different "pile of money" than traditional production costs, making budgeting a challenge

  • Tight production schedules don't always allow enough time for the upfront work required, like building 3D environments

  • Some producers are hesitant to change established production methods, even if VP could save time and money

The Breakdown

But virtual production is increasingly proving its value. Jim shares how a recent spot for the WWE featuring rapper Meek Mill would have been impossible to pull off in the available time frame without an LED stage.

By using an LED wall to create virtual environments, the Pier59 Studios team was able to shoot multiple complex setups in a single day without the need for extensive post-production work.

The Final Take

As virtual production technology continues to evolve, filmmakers who embrace it will be able to push creative boundaries while also finding efficiencies. But it will take a shift in mindset and workflows to take full advantage of everything virtual production has to offer.

The facilities that can make it easy for clients to experiment, like Pier59 Studios in New York, will play a key role in driving continued adoption and innovation.

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