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Lollipop and Mobil 1: Redefining Racing Storytelling

The lines between gaming, audience interactivity, and episodic storytelling are about to get even more blurred.

Mobil 1 has partnered with Lollipop, a groundbreaking racing franchise created by Feature, to bring fans an innovative streaming series that combines professional racing, episodic storytelling, and interactivity.

As the official sponsor, Mobil 1 celebrates the next generation of racing and aims to inspire a love for driving among fans worldwide.

The Race Strategy

  • Lollipop, set to launch in early 2025, will feature 10 digital races across 10 cities. The first three locations are Los Angeles, Miami, and London.

  • Each episode will revolve around a single race/location. In addition to the episodic narrative centered around each race, Lollipop features an adjacent fantasy sports-like racing circuit that intertwines with the scripted plot at key moments.

  • The fan-driven strategy experience features real-time digital race simulations based on car setups done by the audience-powered teams. Results and even fan characters can be integrated into the story via next-generation production methods. 

  • The series is written and executive-produced by David Ayer, creator of The Fast and the Furious franchise, and will utilize cutting-edge virtual production technology.

  • Fans can experience Lollipop through traditional episodic streaming, integrated experiences like collectible downloads, and direct engagement as active competitors within the ecosystem.

  • Mobil 1 products will be integrated throughout the storyline, fueling the high-performance racing action with advanced oils, lubricants, and formulas.

  • The Mobil 1 Lollipop Racing Helmet promotion will provide early access to content and exclusive offers for the Lollipop community and is available via lollipop.racing/mobil1.

Behind the Scenes

Virtual production will play a pivotal role in making this series possible.

Academy Award-nominated VFX supervisor Jerome Chen will be the Visual Effects Supervisor and Producer.

While each episode will take place in a different city, production will primarily happen on a volume in LA, with B units getting local shots or driving plates in the different locales.

Each episode will feature local artists in each city, such as a specially designed livery.

Final Take

The partnership between Mobil 1 and Lollipop represents a significant shift in how fans engage with motorsports content.

By combining innovative technology, immersive storytelling, and interactive elements, this collaboration aims to transform passive consumption into active participation.

This also signifies a further shift in technology across various industries blending together, from virtual production to gaming to immersive audience participation. We can expect to see more shows like Lollipop redefining entertainment in the future.

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