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Maxon Optimized for Apple M3 & Improved Workflows

Maxon has unveiled a series of updates to its Maxon One subscription, bringing significant improvements and new features to its suite of products.

This release includes optimizations for Apple's M3 chip, enhanced integration with Adobe Substance 3D, and a host of other enhancements aimed at improving workflow efficiency and rendering performance.

What’s New

  • Apple M3 Optimization: Maxon has leveraged Apple's hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology to deliver exceptional performance improvements for systems powered by Apple's M3 family of chips. This optimization results in faster renders and improved interactivity, thanks to the next-generation GPU in the M3 chips.

  • Redshift Enhancements: Redshift 3.5.24 introduces support for Apple's hardware-accelerated ray tracing on M3 devices, marking a significant advancement in graphics architecture. The update also includes bug fixes, stability improvements, and enhanced features in Houdini, offering a smoother experience for artists.

  • Cinema 4D Updates: Cinema 4D 2024.3 introduces improved connections with essential tools, enhancing workflow efficiency and file format compatibility. The upgraded Asset Browser now allows users to preview animated assets by hovering over them, while comprehensive support for Adobe Substance 3D materials simplifies asset management.

  • Adobe Substance 3D Collaboration: In collaboration with Adobe, Maxon is offering a library of 40 Substance materials, available in the Cinema 4D Asset Browser. These materials can be easily customized to create a variety of realistic surfaces, offering greater flexibility to artists.

  • Cineware Improvements: Cineware now offers faster and more flexible workflow options, enabling users to import and manage Cinema 4D files in Unreal Engine with greater ease. Significant performance improvements have been made to the Datasmith Direct Link for Cinema 4D, enhancing the overall user experience.

Maxon is currently offering a limited-time discount on Maxon One and Adobe Substance 3D, making it an opportune moment for creative professionals to upgrade their toolkit and enhance their workflow efficiency.

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