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Meptik Studio Pro: Virtual Production 'Studio in a Box'

Meptik, a Disguise company, has released Meptik Studio Pro, a turnkey "Studio in a Box" solution that drastically reduces the time needed to set up a virtual production studio.

This comprehensive, pre-configured LED studio solution is designed to help universities, filmmakers, broadcasters, and brands take their productions to the next level.

Behind the Scenes

  • Meptik Studio Pro comes in four options: Small, Medium, Large, and XR, catering to various production needs, from single-talent setups to high-budget films and augmented reality projects.

  • The core of Studio Pro is a pre-configured rack consisting of Disguise's Emmy-award-winning technology, including VX and RX servers, and Disguise Designer software for controlling visuals.

  • Studio Pro is available with a range of ROE LED sizes, tailored to the customer's specific application.

  • Customers benefit from Always On support, a 24/7 support option, and extensive training on the Disguise workflow and operation of the new virtual production stage.

"Virtual production can save significant time: It allows for immediate visual feedback on set, reduces travel to new locations and cuts down on post-production. But you'll need to design and build a virtual production stage first — a process that can take months," says Meptik co-founder Nick Rivero. "With Meptik Studio Pro, we cut that time down."

The Bottom Line

Meptik Studio Pro simplifies the process of setting up a virtual production studio, providing a comprehensive solution that includes hardware, software, support, and training.

As virtual production continues to gain traction in the industry, solutions like Meptik Studio Pro will become increasingly valuable for content creators looking to streamline their workflows and enhance their productions.

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