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Last edition we posted about video on the Vision Pro (and how one person figured out it’s the only way to watch Avatar in HFR 3D).

More and more we’re seeing how the Vision Pro is changing the experience of how people watch movies.

This Reddit thread shares a lot of experiences on how nothing compares for movie viewing (“I have a 77inch lg OLED with Sonos surround sound and the Vision Pro is a more immersive experience.”

And for Spatial Video - Blaine Browed figured out a workflow to upscale old home movies and then use a depth map to convert to MV-HEVC for Spatial Viewing…and it blew him away.

We’ve got some more AR stories in this edition, plus a lot of camera and lighting updates.

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The Nexus G1, a box camera mod inspired by the Blackmagic Design Pocket 6K G1, is set to ship this year below $3,000.

The digital Kodak Super 8 camera, is now open for waitlist. Originally announced in 2016 for around $2000, it’s now expected to sell for around $5500.

Zeiss dropped a new line of high-speed cine prime lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras. The six lenses, designed to be an entry-level cinema prime set, open to a T1.5 and cover the range of 18mm-100mm.

The Sony A9 Mark III is now available, shipping earlier than planned.

On the flip side, the Sony BURANO is delayed by about a month due a a technical / calibration issue.


Astera's PlutoFresnel LED can now be transformed into a profile spotlight with ProjectionLens.

Aputure’s Spotlight Max, a projector lens modifier for high-powered Bowens Mount LED fixtures, is now available for purchase.

Creamsource expands Vortex ecosystem with 3 new lighting products.

set.a.light 3D is a program that enables photographers and filmmakers to simulate light setups intuitively on a computer.


MASV is a faster, easier way to transfer large files to anyone, anywhere in the world—with just an internet connection.

Trusted by media and entertainment organizations across the globe, MASV plays an essential role in thousands of video workflows, giving production professionals absolute confidence in media delivery.

Unlike other file transfer services, MASV has no size limits and always delivers blazing-fast transfer speeds.



Stability AI's latest update to its diffusion model optimizes the generation of short videos with improved motion and consistency.

Google Labs just launched 3 new generative AI tools - the ImageFX, MusicFX, and TextFX.

The first issue of TELESCOPE, an artist-centric magazine by Runway ML, is now available online or for purchase.

Augmented Reality

ARway.ai announces Apple Vision Pro compatibility and opens early access for ARwayKit SDK.

Rokid partners with Hainan Airlines to launch the world's first in-flight augmented reality experience.

Outtakes AI for Mac will soon enable creators to craft immersive 8K-upscaled 360 environments.


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🌐 Around the Web

🎨 LumaFusion for Android upgraded with real-time scopes for color workflows

💸 Atlas secures $4.5 million funding to power 3D generative AI innovation

👩‍💼 Vinten incorporates AI into its control system software to ensure presenters stay on course

🗓 Schedule posts and track your social media with Metricool*

🏰 Disney teams up with Epic Games to develop fresh gaming and entertainment experiences (and buys stake for $1.5 billion)

🛒 Walmart and Unity partner to integrate commerce APIs into games and apps

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