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Collaborative Video Editing in the Cloud: Scenery's All-in-One Solution

In a recent interview with VP Land at the NAB Show, Liza Kraff from Scenery discussed their innovative web-based collaborative video editor that simplifies the entire video production process.

Scenery is an all-in-one solution for video asset management, storage, organization, editing, and review. It allows users to store their media in the platform and easily import footage from Google Drive, Dropbox, or local hard drives. Once imported, the footage stays in the software, making it easy to collaborate on projects with team members anywhere in the world.

AI-Assisted Editing

One of Scenery's standout features is its AI-assisted editing capabilities. As Liza explains, "We've developed an AI assistant editor, and oftentimes people are like, 'Wait, I want to still edit? Like, I don't want to take away that process, right?' So, what we've created is an AI assist here that not only helps you but allows you to actually still tweak and fine tune."

The AI assistant can generate a rough cut based on user prompts, such as creating a 30-second social media teaser or extracting quotes about a specific topic. Users can then refine the AI-generated edit to their liking.

Intuitive Timeline and Editing Features

Scenery's timeline and editing features are designed to be intuitive for novice users while still feeling familiar to experienced editors. The platform supports common keyboard shortcuts and includes features like:

  • Freeze frames

  • Ripple editing

  • Connected clips

  • Titles and graphics

  • Audio keyframing and cleanup

Brand Kit and Templatized Elements

Scenery's Brand Kit feature allows users to create templatized, branded elements for easy reuse and repurposing. Users can import ProRes files and transparent Alpha channels from After Effects to build custom animations and lower thirds. These elements can be saved in the brand kit and quickly added to new projects.

Reframing for Social Media

Scenery makes it easy to reframe content for various social media platforms. As Liza demonstrates, "I can easily duplicate this project, call this, let's just say TikTok for the sake of doing this, 9x16, auto reframe, and now here you've got [the video] talking about active speaker, where I caught them framing to the subject here." The platform even includes safety overlays for different apps to ensure titles and graphics are positioned correctly.

Collaboration and Review

Scenery's Scene Review feature allows users to share a link to their video, much like a Google Doc, and receive time-coded feedback from collaborators in real-time. Liza notes, "You don't need to render and export and send that draft back off and forth, and then it can say, good to go, let's ship it, and then from there you would be confident to go, you know, create another [version] for it."

With its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly interface, Scenery is an excellent choice for content creators looking to streamline their video workflow and collaborate more effectively with their teams.

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