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SwitchLight: Changing Lighting in Post-Production with AI

In a recent VP Land interview at NAB 2024, we sat down with Hoon Kim from Beeble to discuss SwitchLight, an innovative AI-powered tool that allows filmmakers to change lighting in post-production.

What is SwitchLight?

SwitchLight is an AI-driven solution that enables content creators to relight video footage after it has been shot. As Hoon explains, "SwitchLight, it's basically an AI lighting for filmmakers, and it lets you change the light after the shot was taken."

  • The tool works by extracting 3D geometry, normal maps, and albedo maps from 2D footage

  • It then uses this information to replicate the actor or scene in a 3D rendering engine

  • Filmmakers can then change the lighting, add controllable lights, and even alter the background

The Future of AI in Filmmaking

Hoon believes that AI will significantly impact filmmaking workflows, but not in the way some people fear. "I think many people are very afraid that AI will like kind of replace their jobs. But I don't think that's the case, at least whit what we're doing. I think our AI, the SwitchLight AI, it's gonna be very, very powerful to actually help the artist to improve their workflow."

  • AI tools like SwitchLight aim to make the content creation process easier and more accessible

  • They enable filmmakers to achieve high-quality results without the need for expensive equipment or complex setups

  • In the future, Beeble plans to extend SwitchLight's capabilities to extract full 3D geometry from multiple camera angles

SwitchLight's Open Beta Launch

During the interview, Hoon announced the launch of SwitchLight Open Beta. "Actually, yesterday, we launched Open Beta. You can go to our website, beeble.ai, and then download the software and use it right away."

The Open Beta includes:

  • A standalone program with all the features demonstrated in the interview

  • The ability to upload footage, relight it, and export a new video

  • Support for importing PBR maps into Blender and Unreal Engine for further customization

As AI continues to evolve, tools like SwitchLight are set to revolutionize the filmmaking industry, empowering content creators to bring their visions to life with unprecedented ease and flexibility.

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