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Spatial Video Innovations at AWE 2024

VP Land recently attended the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2024 in Long Beach, the largest expo for AR/VR technology. While the event focused on various applications of AR/VR, we specifically sought out innovations related to spatial video.

What Caught Our Attention

  • SpatialCut, a video editor designed for the Vision Pro, allows editing of spatial video and converting 2D video to 3D using AI depth mapping. A desktop web version is in the works.

  • Sony's Spatial Reality Display, available in 15.6-inch and 27-inch options, offers glasses-free 3D viewing by tracking the user's face. It has potential applications in 3D modeling and virtual scene design.

  • Playbook, a collaborative online 3D builder, aims to be the "Figma for 3D creation." It also utilizes AI to render and style 3D scenes with fine-tuned control.

  • Freeaim VR shoes allow users to walk in place while exploring virtual spaces, reducing motion sickness and providing a more immersive experience.

Final Take

The merging of virtual reality, gaming, and filmmaking is becoming increasingly apparent. Tools like SpatialCut, Playbook, and Freeaim VR shoes demonstrate the growing overlap between these industries.

Furthermore, Blackmagic has just released the URSA Cine Immersive camera, designed specifically for creating cinematic Apple Immersive Video content for the Apple Vision Pro.

The future of media entertainment will likely see a continued blurring of the lines between virtual production, gaming, and immersive experiences.

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