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Twelve Labs AI Hackathon: Pushing M&E Boundaries

Twelve Labs and FBRC.ai are hosting a Multimodal AI in Media & Entertainment Hackathon on June 8-9, 2024, in El Segundo, CA.

The event brings together AI engineers, data scientists, and media professionals to work on innovative projects and compete for prizes.

Behind the Scenes

  • Four challenges: Video Editing with Johnny Harris, Highlight Reel Generation with Drew Binsky, Sports Press Conference Summarization, and AWS-Powered Video Q&A Chatbot with RAG.

  • Participants will have access to Twelve Labs' extensive resources, including API documentation, tutorials, and SDKs.

  • Sponsors Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Fireworks AI will provide credits in prizes for the top teams.

Final Take

The hackathon showcases the growing importance of AI in the media and entertainment industry.

As AI tools become more sophisticated, they have the potential to streamline workflows, generate engaging content, and enhance viewer experiences. Events like this foster collaboration and innovation, driving the industry forward.

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