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Vizrt Unveils Viz Connect Tetra for Streamlined Production

Vizrt, a leader in real-time graphics and live production, has launched Viz Connect Tetra, a compact live production workstation that simplifies remote, local, and hybrid content creation.

The device offers four 4K I/O channels, integrating HTML5, NDI, NDI Bridge, and 12G SDI conversion in a portable form factor.

Behind the Scenes

  • Viz Connect Tetra eliminates the need for multiple video converters and software platforms, streamlining workflows and enhancing scalability and stability for live productions.

  • The device's I/O channels support up to 4K resolution and can be used for NDI to SDI, SDI to NDI, or NDI to NDI conversion.

  • Built-in white balance and color correction tools allow for quality adjustments at the point of conversion, saving time.

  • Each I/O channel supports 16×16 audio routing, providing flexibility for live production requirements.

The Breakdown

  • NDI Bridge join-mode enables seamless connection to cloud and remote productions without additional hardware.

  • Users can choose between NDI High Bandwidth or NDI HX with bandwidth control to suit connectivity constraints.

  • Viz Connect Tetra is the first multi-channel conversion solution to support Viz Flowics and HTML5 graphics independently of TriCaster.

  • The device enables access to flexible, cloud-based, and remote post-production environments.

Final Take

Viz Connect Tetra represents a significant step forward in simplifying and enhancing live production workflows. By integrating multiple conversion capabilities, supporting HTML5 graphics, and enabling seamless connectivity to remote and cloud-based environments, this compact device has the potential to revolutionize how content creators approach live productions.

As the industry continues to embrace remote and hybrid workflows, solutions like Viz Connect Tetra will become increasingly valuable in ensuring high-quality, efficient, and collaborative content creation.

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