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Vū Launches Virtual Studio Cloud Platform

Vū Network just launched Virtual Studio, an online platform for virtual production that enables storyboarding, building environments, pre-viz, and production tools all in one spot.

Here’s a quick rundown of Virtual Studio:

  • Library: An expansive content library pre-loaded with hundreds of free assets, plus options to add or upload content, facilitating project organization.

  • SceneForge: A suite offering powerful tools for set building, camera move design, and scene lighting, reimagining previsualization.

  • vu.ai: Leveraging natural language processing and AI art generation for real-time visual representation creation.

  • Marketplace: A hub for downloading content, applications, and tools, featuring partnerships with VAD studios and stock libraries with an ever-growing asset collection.

  • Plans & Pricing: Various subscription options are designed to cater to different needs, including a free plan, making it easy to start creating content swiftly and efficiently.

Virtual Studio offers various monthly plans (including a free option). The main differences are the number of AI generation credits and the amount of online storage.

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