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XPLOR Creates First AI-Generated Fashion Campaign

XPLOR, a virtual production studio in West Yorkshire, has created what's believed to be the first-ever fashion campaign using AI-generated locations.

By leveraging generative AI, XPLOR was able to create a series of virtual environments depicting a sun-drenched marble quarry for fashion house MKI's latest collection, without the need for a physical photography crew on location.

Behind the Scenes

  • The shoot took place in XPLOR's Studio 004, using a 12m x 4m LED volume made with over 250 LED panels to display the AI-generated Mediterranean backdrop.

  • XPLOR chose Cuebric to generate the background due to its direct links with disguise, their media server, and its ability to create photorealistic landscapes.

  • Richard Blair, head of production services at XPLOR, emphasizes that while AI helped create the backdrop, they are still focused on using human production crews: "Whatever we end up doing with AI, we are not looking to remove the human element."

  • Cuebric allows for more control over generated images for use in virtual environments, enabling the team to change elements, lighting conditions, and use both positive and negative prompting.

Final Take

The use of AI-generated locations in virtual production has the potential to bring down the cost of entry and streamline the creative process.

As AI technology advances, with developments like OpenAI's text-to-video tool Sora, the possibilities for creating dynamic, moving backgrounds are on the horizon.

However, as Richard Blair points out, the key is to find a balance between leveraging AI and maintaining the human element in storytelling and production.

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