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Coffeezilla, YouTube, and Virtual Production

🌐 VP Interviews, Midjourney v6

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Welcome to another edition of VP Land 🌐

Hope everyone who celebrates had a great Christmas (and Boxing Day).

Exciting announcement: we now have a dedicated URL: vp-land.com!

This was originally a subdomain of our production company (New Territory Media) as it was a bit of an experimental project.

But 6 months in things are going strong and it’s time to give VP Land its own space on the web.

Speaking of space on the web, here’s what we’ve got today:

  • How virtual production is making its way into YouTube content creation

  • Interviews and long reads for this in-between holiday week

  • AI updates, including Midjourney v6

Alright, let’s jump into it!


Please Like and Motion Track: VP Hits YouTube

☕️ YouTuber and investigative journalist Stephen Findeisen, better known as Coffeezilla, just shared a behind-the-scenes look at how he produces the cinematic scenes his videos have become famous for. He’s been using the Mo-Sys StarTracker Max on a green screen set for in-camera VFX while filming his videos.

Our Analysis: More YouTubers and content creators are going to adapt Hollywood tech and production techniques to continue to level up their content and provide a competitive edge.

This strategy has been noted by MrBeast in numerous interviews about reinvesting as much money as possible into the videos he creates. Marques Brownlee uses a robot arm to film commercial quality b-roll shots of the tech products he reviews to differentiate his content from other reviewers.

Prepare for more camera trackers and LED walls to enter the chat.

🧋 In other tracker news, the REtracker FIZZ is now available for purchase.


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Boldly going to virtual worlds and more VP reads

Michael Gibson/Paramount+

🛸 Filmmaker Magazine has an interview with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds DP Benji Bakshi on the production of the show, including the use of virtual sets and integrating all the virtual and practical lighting on the same DMX controls.

🏜️ Vashi Nedomansky, ACE, has an extensive write-up about his experience working with virtual production on a budget and lessons learned, including practical tips like embracing photogrammetry for world-building and the best light positions for talent.

SMPTE panel at NAB on what the creative industry needs to succeed with virtual production.

🚀 Disguise’s Addy Ghani gave a talk at NAB NY breaking down how Space Ryder used VP on a limited budget.

☠️ RedShark has an interview with The Killer editor Kirk Baxter and AE Jennifer Chung on editing the film in Premiere and setting the groundwork for an HDR workflow with the new RED V-Raptor with a hybrid post team.

Also, check out this Variety breakdown on the opening scene with DP Erik Messerschmidt and their use of both blue screen and LED panels for dynamic lighting.


VP Gigs

Stage Operator
Eyeline Studios

Unreal FX Artists
WildBrain Studios



AI Updates

🤖 Stable Video Diffusion now available through Stability AI API for third-party development

🌆 Midjourney V6 brings major improvements to photorealism and in-image text

🗣 Runway announces text-to-speech and video ratios for Gen-2

🗓 Schedule posts and track your social media with Metricool*

💳 Paid membership for commercial use of Stability AI models now offered 

🎨 Runway debuts Ambient Motion feature for Motion Brush in Gen-2

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