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A Big List of Virtual Production Updates

🌐 Sora's Music Video, EUROPA, Unreal 5.4

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Welcome to VP Land!

I know NAB is a few weeks in the dust, but we’ve still got new videos and interviews coming out.

In this VP Land, we recap all the videos we posted about virtual production (plus a few links to other coverage that we couldn’t get to).

We’ve also dive into some new projects coming out with Sora.

Speaking of AI, we’ve got some cool projects in the works with AI on the Lot, which is coming up next week in LA.

Let me know if you’ll be there. And if you’d like to attend there’s a 20% discount code below.

Alright, let’s jump into it!

Virtual Production at NAB

Just about done posting our NAB coverage videos. Here’s a collection of videos and interviews around virtual production.

Projects & Interviews

Disguise VP Addy Ghani shares insights on the convergence of AI and virtual production (shot at the ROE booth, which announced the new Obsidian panels)

Inside Sony Pictures' Torchlight project: Photogrammetry, scanning, LiDAR technology, and more

Trackers & Robots

The newly enhanced VIVE Mars CamTrack continues to improve accessibility to virtual production for smaller studios and productions, along with introducing take recorders, remote control, and a few other new features.

Virtual production tripods from Ikan feature built-in physical encoders in the head for accurate tracking of pan and tilt movements, allowing the creation of engaging content without the need for extensive set changes

Mo-Sys now offers the StarTracker Max in a more compact form factor, ideal for steadicams and handheld camera operation

MRMC debuts Cinebot Mini, the lightest, most transportable, and incredibly user-friendly motion control robot

Software, Servers, and More

Chat with Jamie Pence about the ease and usability of Aximmetry, including their new plugins.

ARwall's ARFX line focuses on addressing three main challenges in virtual production: the cost of LED screens, the need for skilled operators, and the creation of 3D environments. They also had a lot of updates.

Brompton Technology had some updates advancing color science for virtual production, and they announced their new SQ200 processor.

Ikan's NDI teleprompter monitor eliminates cable clutter by delivering power, control, and NDI streaming through a single Ethernet cable

Keying options, AI background removal, and custom Unreal Engine environments — Skyglass is packed with features for accessible virtual production on an iPhone.

We covered it in our Top 10 roundup, but there’s also Lightcraft Jetset Cine that turns your iPhone into an on-camera tracker.

More Updates

Obviously (and sadly) we couldn’t cover everything. Here are a few more updates from around the web.

Kino Flo has a highlight reel from the show, Unilumin has a show recap, and Noah Kadner posted a big roundup of all things VP at NAB.


Blackmagic’s New 2110 IP Converters

Blackmagic Design's new 2110 IP Converters are here to simplify your transition to IP broadcast systems. With mini and rack mount models supporting 10G Ethernet, these converters integrate your SDI equipment into 2110 IP workflows effortlessly.

Blackmagic 2110 IP Converters Features

  • All converters conform to the SMPTE-2110 IP video standard.

  • Choose between Mini Converter or rack-mount models.

  • Uses readily available 10G Ethernet for low cost installation.

  • Re-syncs SDI inputs to a common PTP clock.

  • Includes NMOS Protocol for building a virtual router.

  • Low latency, open standard Blackmagic IP10 codec.

  • Supports all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60.

Converters start at $365. Learn more at Blackmagic’s website.

I want my SoraTV

Paul Trillo created the “first commissioned music video created entirely with Sora.” Trailer and explanation in the tweet above, full video here. Bilawal has some more info on the process.

Adriana Vecchiοli and fellow filmmakers talk about the impact of AI, XR, and emerging technology on artists and filmmakers at SXSW.

Max Einhorn posted some highlights from Runway’s Second AI Film Festival in LA

Trailer for Sony’s EUROPA VP project dropped. More on the project in our interview.

🤖 Epic releases Unreal Engine 5.4 with significant enhancements to animation and rendering tools

🦾 Mo-Sys releases VP Pro 5.4 with Unreal Engine 5.4 support, enhanced MoSysCamera colors, plugin module optimization, and more

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🎬 Omdia predicts virtual production market to exceed $1.1 billion by 2028, driven by film industry adoption and expansion into corporate and education sectors

🌄 Unreal Engine 5.4 debuts ICVFX Depth of Field Compensation feature for accurate LED wall DOF correction

🌌 Spatial computing expert Tom Emrich shares Temporal Games' breakthrough in real-time volumetric video streaming through the development of Animated Gaussian Splatting (4DGS)

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