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The 10 Most Innovative Finds at NAB

🌐 Virtual Production Round Up, Megalopolis

We’re just about done publishing all our NAB interviews - but there are still more videos coming, taking a deeper look at where we’re at with new technologies - AI, virtual production, cloud workflows.

Stay tuned

In today’s VP Land, we’ve got more NAB roundups, plus catch up on new virtual production behind-the-scenes posts, industry acquisitions, and more.

Let’s jump into it!

New Workflow Tools, Remote Editing, and More at NAB

We saw a ton of great products at NAB, and some new updates, especially for virtual production (Brompton, ARwall, VIVE Mars, Aximmetry).

But I wanted to round up the 10 most innovative finds at the show that were also new product releases.

It wasn’t easy. I also cheated because it’s more than 10. But here we go:

Remote Editing

CuttingRoom demoed its cloud-based video editor. What was most impressive is it can work with your media off whatever cloud storage it’s already on - no need to copy it over.

There was also Scenery - another cloud-based video editor a bit more targeted at marketing and social media teams.

iPhone Meets Cinema Tools

Atomos announced the Ninja Phone - turn your iPhone into a camera monitor, ProRes recorder, and cloud streamer.

Tiffen's Smartphone Mount pops onto your phone’s MagSafe mount and enables adding any 58mm filter. I like that it doesn’t require a special case and takes commonly available photo filters.

Lightcraft’s Jetset Cine iPhone app can turn your phone into an on-camera camera tracker for virtual production.


bitbox is a small attachment for cinema cameras that offers direct communication/camera control for DITs and ACs. It cuts through the Wi-Fi noise on set and offers solid, wireless communication to remotely control the camera.

Blackmagic’s new URSA Cine 12K and PYXIS 6K camera 

DJI’s Focus Pro adds autofocus abilities to any lens. Really like their UI and grip design for solo operators.

Workflow Upgrades

SwitchLight demoed their wild AI tool that lets you relight a scene in post-production.

Strada is bringing AI and cloud rendering to post-production workflows

PostLab 2.0 is bringing its collaborative locking/unlocking system to any file type, not just Final Cut and Premiere. They’re also adding Event (aka ‘Bin’) locking to FCP.

What’d we miss? What’d you see? Reply back, let me know


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More from the show

Source: Elena Piech

Unfortunately, we couldn’t slow down time, so we weren’t able to cover everything that was going on at the show.

Here’s a roundup of more events and announcements from the show:

🦾 Noah Kadner has a full roundup of all the virtual production related announcements from the show.

🥂 SMPTE afterparty recap

🔀 CaraOne demoed their contextual search for media management.

💻 Z by HP showcased their AI motion capture and Unreal Engine integration, enabling trackerless real-time motion capture and puppet control at NAB.

🌄 Adobe debuts Firefly Image 3 and Photoshop (Beta) at Adobe MAX London

🤖 Puget Systems explores everything new in Unreal Engine 5.4

🎬 Exploring ILM's legacy in Lucasfilm's editorial series 'The Digital Road to the Phantom Menace'

🍿 Vanity Fair's exclusive glimpse into Francis Ford Coppola's 'Megalopolis'

🗓 Schedule posts and track your social media with Metricool*

🌊 Virtual Production BTS: Underwater plane escape scene uses VP and ‘dry for wet’ process

🗄 MrBeast’s latest video used dozens (hundreds?) of Atomos Shogun Studio 2

🔲 Megapixel announces acquisition of GhostFrame (see our GhostFrame coverage from NAB last year)

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