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Spatial Video at AWE & Meptik's VP Studio in a Box

🌐 AR/VR Video, Resolve and Frame.io Beta Updates

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Spatial Video Innovations at AWE 2024 

Last week we checked out AWE (Augmented World Expo) in Long Beach.

Our main goal is to see what’s new in spatial video. With Blackmagic’s recently teased URSA Cine Immersive camera, we thought there would be some new, exciting developments in video…

…there wasn’t much.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some interesting finds.

What Caught Our Attention

  • SpatialCut, a video editor designed for the Vision Pro, allows editing of spatial video and converting 2D video to 3D using AI depth mapping. A desktop web version is in the works.

  • Sony's Spatial Reality Display, available in 15.6-inch and 27-inch options, offers glasses-free 3D viewing by tracking the user's face. It has potential applications in 3D modeling and virtual scene design.

  • Playbook, a collaborative online 3D builder, aims to be the "Figma for 3D creation." It also utilizes AI to render and style 3D scenes with fine-tuned control.

  • Freeaim VR shoes allow users to walk in place while exploring virtual spaces, reducing motion sickness and providing a more immersive experience.


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Meptik Studio Pro: Virtual Production 'Studio in a Box'

Meptik, a Disguise company, has released Meptik Studio Pro, a turnkey "Studio in a Box" solution that drastically reduces the time needed to set up a virtual production studio.

What’s in the box?

  • Meptik Studio Pro comes in four options: Small, Medium, Large, and XR, catering to various production needs, from single-talent setups to high-budget films and augmented reality projects.

  • The core of Studio Pro is a pre-configured rack consisting of Disguise's Emmy-award-winning technology, including VX and RX servers, and Disguise Designer software for controlling visuals.

  • Studio Pro is available with a range of ROE LED sizes, tailored to the customer's specific application.

  • Customers benefit from Always On support, a 24/7 support option, and extensive training on the Disguise workflow and operation of the new virtual production stage.

🔴 ASG and Supersphere combine strengths in cloud technology, system integration, and live production to deliver groundbreaking solutions for creators.

🎥 DaVinci Resolve 19 Beta 4 introduces live syncing of Blackmagic Design cameras, allowing editors and colorists to work on footage seconds after recording

🎬 Orbital Studios, known for its work on "Snowfall" and "Justified: City Primeval," teams up with CAA to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in filmmaking

☁️ By leveraging AWS and Arch Platform Technologies, Dimension and DNEG 360 can now collaborate with global talent, work across multiple locations on shared assets, and support demanding virtual production environments in a secure and sustainable manner.

🇸🇬 The opening of X3D Studio in Singapore marks a significant milestone for the region's creative industries, providing a state-of-the-art facility that is expected to attract international productions.

▶️ Frame.io's V4 beta brings a range of improvements, including faster Share creation, the ability to show/hide asset names in Share Reels, and support for the Print Comments export format, empowering media professionals with more control and flexibility.

🏙 Disguise opens a new virtual production office in New York City to meet the rising demand in the rapidly growing virtual production market.

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